Sequester cuts means 1,000 fewer science & technology research grants

SOURCE: National Science Foundation

Sequestration would cut funding to clean energy research, investments in advanced manufacturing, cyber-security, and improvements to science, technology, engineering, and math education in the U.S.

The National Science Foundation, which is funded via the discretionary budget, would be forced to cut nearly 1,000 science and technology research grants if sequestration takes effect on March 1.

The sequester cuts would impact about 12,000 professors, teachers, technicians, graduate researchers, and undergraduate and K-12 students supported by the NSF.

“Vital investments in basic research, leading edge technology, and STEM education would be jeopardized,” wrote NSF Director Subra Suresh in a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

In addition, the NSF would have to terminate about $35 million in construction contracts for environmental and oceanographic research.


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