Transcript: Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis’s remarks at the morning press conference on the Boston Marathon bombing on April 16, 2013

Partial transcript of remarks by Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis on the Boston Marathon bombing at the morning press conference on Tuesday, April 16, 2013:

Good morning. My name is Ed Davis. I’m the Police Commissioner for the City of Boston.

We are in the process of securing and processing the most complex crime scene we’ve dealt with in the history of our department.

We are doing that under the direction of the FBI and in partnership with the ATF.

We secured the perimeter with members of the National Guard and the General is here.

I’d like to thank the people who are working closely with us. We’ve received offers of assistance from Chicago, Los Angeles, units that responded here from New York City and Baltimore, and we are working very closely from all of our partners on this complex investigation.

I want to stress that the area around the crime scene, which was – yesterday was 15 blocks, has been reduced to about 12 blocks at this point in time. And we will continue to collapse that crime scene as the facts and circumstances make that available. I want to open up as many streets and get people in their buildings as quickly as we can. We’re working diligently on that.

But please be patient with us in the time that we need to process the crime scene. We expect that that scene will go for another 2 days any way and people should make appropriate plans.

Again, I want to stress that any information that you have – any videos or photographs that happen not just at that scene but anywhere in the immediate vicinity could be helpful to this investigation. Our focus is on processing that evidence right now.

And we’re looking forward to working with our partners to bring the individuals who are responsible for this heinous crime to justice.

Thank you.


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