Transcript: Boston Mayor Tom Menino’s remarks on the capture of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect

Transcript of press briefing remarks by Boston Mayor Tom Menino on the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, on April 19, 2013:

I just want to say very briefly: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you to the law enforcement officials who worked together – State Police, Boston Police, FBI – all working together. That’s when government works the best.

I want to thank also the citizens out there. For the last week [mumbled audio] unknown what’s happening out there because of the bombing at the marathon.

But today, because of the hard work of so many individuals, by Boston Police working together with the State Police, we have a conclusion that we’re all satisfied with.

There are also the folks who lost their lives this past week.

We shall go on. We’re a better city than we have been this past week. We’ll get better.

And to all of you folks of the media, thank you for the support you gave us this past week. Wasn’t easy. Some days you said to us, “Why?” Let me tell you, we were there working hard…

I spent a lot of time with the law enforcement officials. They worked so hard this week to come to a conclusion tonight. Today, tonight we say thank you to them for the work they did tracking down every one of those leads in that regard which is so significant to what came to the end of this case tonight.

Carmen – it’s up to her job to bring it to federal courts.

I feel so good about this, I tell you. I’m so happy because the people in the Boston area will be able to sleep tonight because of the work of these individuals.


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