Transcript: US Attorney Carmen Ortiz on the capture of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect

Transcript of press briefing remarks by U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz on the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, in Watertown on April 19, 2013:

Good evening. I’m United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz and I have to say that both the Governor and the Colonel have put it tremendously well.

Tonight, we feel a tremendous sense of gratitude and relief. The ordeal that this community, especially this neighborhood, has endured over the last 24 hours – tonight we can sleep a bit easier.

And all of the unpredictable, horrific and yet heroic acts that have occurred over the last several days starting with the terrible bombing attack that occurred on Monday, here we are and not forgetting the victims of the crimes that have occurred over the last several days.

The victims of the bombings, as the Governor said, Martin [Richard], Lingzi [Lu], Krystle [Campbell]. Two officers have been hurt – one who lost his life, Sean Collier; Richard Donohue who is fighting for his life. Our thoughts and our prayers are with their families.

Tonight, you’re going to have many questions but I want to say as I’ve said the last several days: This has been a very active and ongoing investigation. And although for some of you tonight is a closure, for me the journey continues. And so this will continue to be an ongoing and active investigation as we sought all the details, continue to evaluate a tremendous amount of evidence, and file our formal charges.

But I will say this: I have never been prouder to stand with a tremendous group of law enforcement here, from the Colonel to the Commissioner to my federal colleague, Rick DesLauriers with the FBI, all of the federal agencies – the state and local departments that have worked so hard – so hard – since the attacks on Monday, so committed, and putting their lives on the line as we fought the last 24 hours to try to get a suspect into custody.

And so my journey and my office’s journey begins, and this investigation will continue so we will not be able to provide the details that you may want at this time. But as the days continue, you will get answers to those questions.

Thank you.


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