Glossary of commonly-used acronyms in the court martial of PFC Bradley Manning

Glossary of commonly-used acronyms & terms in United States v. PFC Bradley E. Manning

(Editor’s note: Not a complete list.)

35F: Military Occupational Specialty classification for “intelligence analyst”

AIR: Agent Investigative Report

AIT: Advanced Individual Training

AO: Area of Operations

CCIU: Computer Crimes Investigative Unit (a branch of the CID)

CID: Criminal Investigation Division

CENTCOM: Central Command

CHU: Containerized Housing Unit

CIDNE: Combined Information Data Network Exchange. The CIDNE databases for Iraq and Afghanistan contain analyses and reports collected from human intelligence, psychological operations, engagement reports, counter-improvised explosive device reports, significant activity (SIGACT) reports, targeting reports, social-cultural reports, civil affairs reports, and human terrain reporting.

CIDNE-A: Combined Information Data Network Exchange – Afghanistan

CIDNE-I: Combined Information Data Network Exchange – Iraq

DAB: Detainee Assessment Briefs

DA Form 4137: Evidence/Property Custody Document (EPCD) that records the organization collecting evidence, who or where the evidence was collected from, a description of the evidence, and the chain of custody for the evidence upon collection.

E&E: Door

JTF-GTMO: Joint Task Force Guantanamo, Cuba

MOS: Military Occupational Specialty

RFI: Request for Investigation

SIGACT: Significant Activities

SIPRNet: Secret Internet Protocol Router Network

SOUTHCOM: Southern Command

T-SCIF: Temporary Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

WGet: A free open source software used to rapidly download information from web servers.

WLO: WikiLeaks Organization


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