Summary of testimony of CID Special Agent Thomas Smith at the court martial of PFC Bradley Manning on June 3, 2013

Summary of the testimony of Special Agent Thomas Smith at the court martial of PFC Bradley Manning at Fort Meade, Maryland on Monday, June 3, 2013:

Special Agent Thomas Smith, Sergeant First Class, Forth Smith Criminal Investigation Division (CID). Smith was a case agent and evidence custodian – part of the three-man team, which included Special Agents Jean Lisandre and Toni Graham, who was in charge – that collected evidence from PFC Bradley Manning’s work station at the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility [SCIF] in Forward Operating Base [FOB] Hammer, Iraq and Manning’s containerized housing unit [CHU].

– Smith received the request for investigation on May 27, 2010.

– He sent out to FOB Hammer to conduct the crime scene and collect evidence; the team was authorized to search the SCIF and PFC Manning’s CHU.

– The team debriefed part of PFC Manning’s Chain of Command upon arrival at FOB Hammer. They also conducted canvass interviews with people who worked the same shift as PFC Manning.

– Upon arrival at the FOB Hammer SCIF, Smith photographed and conducted a rough sketch of the scene but only after covering up certain unrelated sensitive information visible in the SCIF.

– Collected 2 SIPR computers from Manning’s work station in the SCIF
– Collected 1 NIPR computer

– Smith affirmed that he collected the evidence in accordance with regulation and insured that he did not modify the data on the computers in any way.

– Smith and Graham searched Manning’s CHU. Smith testified that he found several writable CDs, an Apple laptop computer, and a CD holder containing writable CDs inside Manning’s CHU. Smith said he found a writeable CD containing handwriting, a military secret sticker, and label sticker reading “12 July 2007 engagement zone 30 CZ”.

– Smith collected an external hard drive and a camera. The hard drive was found inside PFC Manning’s day sack. The camera was found on top of the foot locker belonging to PFC Manning. The items were found by Graham but collected by Smith.

– Graham collected evidence from the supply room: one laptop computer and two external hard drives – one NIPR and one SIPR.

– Smith said all of the evidence collected at FOB Hammer were turned over to Special Agent Robertson with the CCIU – the computer crimes investigative unit – based out of Germany on May 30, 2010.

List of prosecution exhibits referenced or admitted:

– Prosecution Exhibit 1: A rough sketch depicting the SCIF at FOB Hammer drawn by Smith on May 27, 2010.

– Prosecution Exhibit 15: CD case containing several writable CDs, including a writable CD with a military secret sticker and label that read “12 July 2007 engagement zone 30 CZ”. There was writing on it, reading “Reuters, FOIA, REQ”. This item was collected by Smith on May 28, 2010.

– Prosecution Exhibit 17: Computerized version of Prosecution Exhibit 1.

– Prosecution Exhibit 18: Photograph of Manning’s CHU taken by Smith on May 28, 2010.

– Prosecution Exhibit 19: Sketch depicting the SCIF on FOB Hammer taken by Smith late in the evening of May 27, 2010. The 2 SIPR computers collected by investigators were circled in green.

– Prosecution Exhibit 20: A photograph of the SCIF’s interior taken by Smith on May 27, 2010. The NIPR computer collected was circled in yellow.



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