Transcript: Remarks by Ethan McCord on Bradley Manning and the media on June 2, 2013

Partial transcript of remarks by Ethan McCord, the soldier seen in the “collateral murder” video rescuing two Iraqi children from a van shot up by an American Apache helicopter on July 12, 2007, at the “Manning and the Media” panel held at All Soul’s Church Unitarian in Washington, D.C. on Sunday June 2, 2013:

My name is Ethan McCord, and I was a soldier who could be seen in the “collateral murder” video carrying the children from the van.

That was one incident of many incidents just like that in Iraq. It was not a one-off incident.

Bradley Manning – to me, I didn’t know Bradley Manning whatsoever. And in fact, I got a friend request from him on Facebook and didn’t think anything of it right after the video was released. In fact, I didn’t know that there was a video to begin with. I was just doing the right thing, and I got berated by all the other soldiers that I was around for doing that. And, you know, I was just doing what a father should do – you know, hoping that another man would do if put in the same position that I was.

Well, when I heard the name Bradley Manning come across the news, I knew that name sounds familiar and I pulled it up on my Facebook and I was like, “What’s going on here?” And immediately, I felt this connection with Bradley Manning – like we had seen the same things, felt the same things, and we are brothers. And I could not not support him.

Bradley Manning is a hero, and everybody is talking about traitor – the word traitor. I get called a traitor by people in my unit, and I’m proud to be a traitor if that’s what a traitor is.

I will do everything in my power to support Bradley Manning until he is released…It may not be tomorrow but time will tell. He will be released.

You have to forgive me. I’m not the greatest speaker in the world. I was a soldier for a long time…

…That’s what going to change the system – pressure towards the media, towards the military, towards President Obama to do the right thing because Bradley Manning did the right thing and we owe it to him to stand behind him.


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