Transcript: Remarks by HRC President Chad Griffin on the Supreme Court’s rulings on same-sex marriage

Transcript of remarks by Chad Griffin, President of the Human Rights Campaign, on the Supreme Court’s decisions to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act in United States v. Windsor and to reject the appeal of Proposition 8 proponents in Hollingsworth v. Perry on June 26, 2013:

Thanks to these incredible plaintiffs and to the legal team led by Ted Olsen and David Boies. What a magnificent job they have done representing thousands upon thousands of people in California and ultimately around this country.

Thanks to these historic decisions today, we are one step closer to finally realizing those words inscribed upon that building behind me – “Equal justice under law”.

And today, at long last, this nation has wiped away the shame of Proposition 8 and the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act once and for all.

But the work of equality is far from complete. And at this moment of celebration, we got to rise to this historic occasion with an urgent new commitment – a commitment to the gay and lesbian Americans in the 37 states without marriage equality, who didn’t feel the reach of justice by today’s decisions.

It took less than 5 years to strike down Proposition 8 and to restore marriage equality to the most populous state in this land.

So today, let’s set a new goal: Within 5 years, we will bring marriage equality to all 50 states…

The lesson of the Perry case and these incredible plaintiffs is that we cannot wait for justice. Because they fought tirelessly every single day, today American values have prevailed.

Now it’s up to us to make this historic victory reach each and every corner of this country because while marriage equality will soon return to California, loving and committed couples in places like Hope, Arkansas, and Altoona, Pennsylvania will still be waiting for justice and every moment of delay has real life human consequences. Because every day in these places a child is born, a parent dies, and the person you love may be rushed to the hospital, and the inability to access these basic protections of marriage destroys families and ruins lives.

So make no mistake about it, tomorrow is certainly a new day but the sun will still rise on an unequal country, and we’ve got to commit to fight like we’ve never fought before. Because at this moment, apathy and passivity are no better than bigotry. In state legislatures, at the ballot box, in Congress, and yet what was so clear today again in our federal courts, this movement for equality will advance on all fronts like we’ve never advanced before.

And I promise you in the end, equality, fairness, and basic human dignity will prevail as it has so many times in this country’s history before.

Thank you very much.


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