Transcript: Remarks by Kris Perry & Sandy Stier on the Supreme Court’s rulings on same-sex marriage

Transcript of remarks by Kristin Perry and Sandra Stier, plaintiffs who sued the state of California for the right to marry, on the Supreme Court’s decisions to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act in United States v. Windsor and to reject the appeal of Proposition 8 proponents in Hollingsworth v. Perry on June 26, 2013:

Kristin Perry:

Today is a great day for American children and families.

Sandy and I want to say how happy we are not only to be able to return to California and finally get married but to be able to say to the children in California “No matter where you live, no matter where your parents are, no matter what family you’re in, you are equal, you are as good as your friends’ parents and as your friends.”

We believe from the very beginning that the importance of this case was to send a message to the children of this country that you are just as good as everybody else no matter who you love, no matter who your parents love.

And today, we can go back to California and say to our own children – all four of our boys – “Your family is just as good as everybody else’s family. We love you as much as anybody else’s parents love their kids. And we’re going to be equal. Now, we will be married and we will be equal to every other family in California.”

Thank you.


Sandra Stier:

Today, we also want to say thank you to all of you. Thank you to all of our supporters. Thank you to our amazing lawyers. Thank you to the Constitution. And thank you to the justices that served today in this court.

It was an amazing day. We thank the justices for overturning DOMA. It’s so, so important for us and for all families, and we thank the justices for letting us get married in California.

But that’s not enough. It’s gotta go nationwide. And we can’t wait for that day.

It’s not just about us. It’s about kids in the south. It’s about kids in Texas, and it’s about kids everywhere. And we really, really want to take this fight and take it all the way and get equality for everyone in this entire country.

Thank you all. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to represent you.


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