Transcript: California Police Chiefs Association’s statement on the $315 million plan to expand prison capacity

Partial transcript of remarks by Chris Boyd, 1st Vice President of the California Police Chiefs Association, on expanding prison capacity to comply with the federal court order to reduce prison overcrowding. The press conference was held on Aug. 27, 2013: 

My name is Christopher Boyd. I’m the Chief of Police in the city of Citrus Heights here in Sacramento County and here representing the California Police Chiefs Association.

California Police Chiefs are responsible for the protection of over 78% of Californians, and we’ve been very concerned about the notion of releasing additional felons into our communities.

We very much support and appreciate the governor’s plan and appreciate the partnership and collaboration and support from the legislative leadership as well.

We look forward to the implementation of this plan, and I look forward, as always, to the continued collaboration on dealing with this issue.


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