Transcript: Chief Probation Officers of California’s statement on the $315 million plan to expand prison capacity

Partial transcript of remarks by Mack Jenkins, Chief Probation Officers of California, on expanding prison capacity to comply with the federal court order to reduce prison overcrowding. The press conference was held on Aug. 27, 2013: 

The Chief Probation Officers of California are very proud to stand here in support of the governor’s plan because what’s been said already will echo: This is about public safety.

And the plan that the governor has put forward complies with the federal court requirements but does so in a way that doesn’t unnecessarily put California citizens at risk.

It’s really important at this time right now as the state faces this challenge that we move forward with the solution that can be durable but also takes steps towards long-term smart solutions.

The early release of prisoners is a bad idea, and it’s not something that we need to do; it’s not something that we should do.

So the Chief Probation Officers’ Association is proud to support the governor’s plan.


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