Transcript: Crime Victims United of California’s statement on the $315 million plan to expand prison capacity

Partial transcript of remarks by Nina Salamo, Executive Board Member of Crime Victims United of California, on expanding prison capacity to comply with the federal court order to reduce prison overcrowding. The press conference was held on Aug. 27, 2013: 

On behalf of Crime Victims United, we’d like to thank everybody for this bipartisan effort to protect public safety in California.

On behalf of the tens of thousands of crime victims in California, we at Crime Victims United applaud Gov. Brown for his steadfast resolve against releasing more criminals into our streets.

We appreciate Gov. Brown’s candor and willingness to work with Crime Victims United and all law enforcement for a short-term solution, and we look forward to working together with the governor for the long-term solutions.

Crime Victims United also urges and gives the strongest urging to the legislature to focus its priorities and pass this legislation to protect our children.

Nobody should ever have to endure the shattered life that a crime victim and their family leads. I know; I’ve lived that shattered life, and I urge the legislature to pass this to prevent more shattered lives.

Today, the governor has taken a stand for public safety and he has stood in the gap where the legislature has failed in the past.

Crime Victims United proudly stands with him and looks forward to working with him.


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