Transcript: Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s remarks on the Free Flow of Information Act – Sept. 12, 2013

Partial transcript of remarks by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on the Free Flow of Information Act. The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was held on Sept. 12, 2013:

…I respect and appreciate the points that [Sen. John Cornyn] is making and he is certainly right that this issue or conundrum is a very challenging one or difficult.

But I would ask him whether right now the courts have to deal with this conundrum whenever these issues arise without the benefit of any guidance from the Congress.

And so what we’re doing here is really seeking to attempt to provide that kind of guidance. It may not be perfect but at least it establishes some lines, some standards for what the courts already have to do. It’s not like we’re imposing on the courts a new task. They already have this challenge and they’re making decisions without the benefit of our guidance.


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