Transcript: Sen. Barbara Boxer’s remarks on the GOP’s CR to repeal women’s preventive care & government shutdown – Sept. 30, 2013

Partial transcript of press briefing remarks by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) on the House Republicans’ continuing resolution amendments to repeal women’s preventive care and the government shutdown. The press briefing was held on Sept. 30, 2013:

…The women of America and you and the men who care about women know that the latest Republican shutdown plan continues their war on women.

Shutting down the government is a dangerous game and the Republicans are playing it. And in that game there are no winners and there are only losers.

Republicans are obsessed with stopping the Affordable Care Act. But let’s be clear: A government shutdown does not stop the Affordable Care Act.

Starting tomorrow, millions of Americans will sign up for affordable health insurance and there is nothing the Republicans can do to stop it.

So all of this futile brinksmanship brings only chaos, brings only pain with hundreds of thousands of workers not providing the services that people need, bringing a self-inflict blow to our economy, which will hurt every single American.

Let’s look at what else the latest Republican shutdown proposal entails.

In addition to their efforts to stop the Affordable Care Act, which as I said they can’t do, they want to repeal the Medical Device Tax, which raises $30 billion over 10 years. So whether you’re for that tax or against it, they don’t replace the revenues. So their continuing resolution – their shutdown plan – causes a $30 billion increase in the deficit over 10 years. The Republican shutdown plan is a budget buster.

But now they’ve added a new target – the Republicans have. A group that they’ve frequently punished. A group called women.

…Follow this. They keep all other benefits of Obamacare that have gone into effect already – every one of them and we’ve gone through them. If you’re a young person you can stay on your mom and dad’s insurance. If you’re a child and there’s a pre-existing condition, they can’t stop you. So on and so forth.

But they do single out only one existing benefit to stop and that benefit is known as the Women’s Health Amendment…

But here is the section that they delay. The only existing benefit that they stop.

And here’s what it says – the first four words: “With respect to women” and we have that for you to look at. It talks about the preventive care that will no longer be available if they have their way.

And I want to tell you what those benefits are that they’re stopping:

Guaranteed affordable birth control;
Screenings for cervical cancer;
Screenings for sexually transmitted diseases or STDs;
Screenings for pregnancy-related diabetes;
Screenings for domestic violence;
And breast-feeding counseling and supplies.

Anyone – any of you, any of us – who has ever lost a loved one knows the critical importance of these preventive services – those very services that Republicans want to stop in their shutdown proposal.

Anyone who has ever postponed a life-saving cancer screening ’cause they couldn’t afford it knows how cruel and dangerous this Republican shutdown plan is.

And here’s the thing. Republicans already lost a vote on this very provision in the United States Senate and they already lost an election in part because voters rejected their war on women.

But still, their war on women continues. They cannot seem to stop themselves. So we will stop them. Make no mistake about it.

We say to them today: Stop this war on women of America. Stop these self-inflicted wounds on our economy and our deficit. Take up and pass a clean CR. Pass a clean debt ceiling. These are our most basic responsibilities.


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