Transcript: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s remarks on the Senate’s passage of H.R. 2775 to re-open the government & raise the debt ceiling – Oct. 16, 2012

Partial transcript of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nevada) remarks on the Senate’s passage of H.R. 2775 to re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling on Oct. 16, 2012:

…I’m tired…I’m very happy that we just completed a bipartisan vote to re-open the government and to avert a default on our bills.

There’ll be sometime before we realize the effects of what we’ve just done but the shutdown has hurt our economy to a significant degree.

But we were able to work it out so…no need to have any more losses.

We’ve been able to come together for a lot of different reasons. I appreciate the work of a number of Senators but I think one of the most important things that we’ve been able to do is get Sen. [Mitch] McConnell and I together.

I’m very grateful that Sen. Lamar Alexander reached out to Sen. [Chuck] Schumer, and being the peacemaker that he is – Lamar Aelxander – suggested that they start doing what they could to engage Sen. McConnell and I. And as a result of that, I think we were able to talk, hopefully develop a strong relations. Sen. McConnell and I have worked together for many years…So anyway, I appreciate the work that Sen. Alexander, Sen. Schumer did. I’m grateful for Sen. [Mark] Pryor and that gang of Senators that they did some things that helped us.

So I would hope that in the future the work that was done by Sen. Pryor and [Susan] Collins, they’ll be able to get together to create some separation here of all the shrill voices we hear that really are not helpful.

Averting this crisis is historic. Let’s be honest. This is pain inflicted on our nation for no good reason. We cannot make – we cannot, cannot make the same mistakes again.

So as we move in to the next round of negotiations, I’m depending on stable, hardworking, always available Patty Murray. She is the stereotype of what I believe a Senator should be. I’m very, very grateful to her for being willing to take the leadership of trying to work something out to make sure that we don’t have another one of these crisis – manufactured crisis. She was called upon by the Democratic caucus to be the chair of the Super Committee and she worked so hard. We were so close. But as you know from all the experiences the President’s had, and I’ve had with Speaker Boehner, he was never able to take that step to accomplish this.

I want to express here…for the support for my three leaders. Everyone knows my caucus has been locked strong together. We’ve worked with the President. We’ve been a real team. But one way we’ve been able to be a team is my team made the bigger team work. So I’m really grateful to them. No one will ever know the work that we do off the floor, behind the scenes, and I’m not a one-man show; I depend on these three good Senator for virtually everything that we’re able to accomplish.

A lot more to do. As the President said yesterday and I say today: Let’s move on.

What is the big issue out there? People complain about the deficit? How about let’s do immigration – $1 trillion? Something that’s fair and reasonable that this country’s needed for a long time.

So I look forward to the next venture is making sure we do immigration reform. We’re going to continue extending our hands to the Republicans and hope they’ll come to the table in good faith with the desire to compromise.


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