CA Gov. Jerry Brown hints at re-election run


California Governor Jerry Brown hinted that he’ll be running for a second term during today’s state of state address.

Less than a minute into his speech, Brown directed quips at Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom, telling his potential gubernatorial rival “I appreciate change, but I also value continuity.”

Brown went on: “In fact, I used to say, ‘Take the ins and throw them out. Take the outs and put them in.’ I don’t say that anymore. My message: There’s no substitute for experience.”

Brown’s remarks, which made clear his intention to run for re-election this year, drew laughs from lawmakers in attendance.

The 75-year-old Brown is the oldest person to serve as governor of California. He was successfully treated for prostate cancer in late 2012.

Newsom, who acknowledged his place as number 2, gave Brown a warm introduction, calling him “a leader who’s kept his promise to the people of California to tell the truth, to get California’s fiscal house in order, and to continue to make the case each and every day – as he will again today – that the best is yet to come”.

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