Transcript: Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s opening remarks on CDCR’s proposed new policies on solitary confinement – Feb. 11, 2014

Partial transcript of Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s (D-San Francisco) opening remarks on CDCR’s proposed new policies on solitary confinement and prison gang or “security threat group” management. The joint informational hearing was held on Feb. 11, 2014:

…This is a follow-up to previous hearings about the SHU [Security Housing Units]. We’re very, very concerned about practices here in California, not meeting Amnesty International’s standards.

There are other states who have better practices than we do that reduced the need for the SHU to the most minimal and have no recidivism, and there’s no reason that the great state of California cannot be embracing these ideas that maybe 100 years ago were enlightened but now…this is the way it should be – the way we should be handling our criminal justice problems and particularly emphasis on rehabilitation.

So, CDCR did come up with some pilot program changes to how inmates can end up in the SHU and how they can get out.

We’re going to be discussing those regulations today. We think that they don’t go far enough and it doesn’t really address some of the deficiencies in CDCR’s gang policy.

And we will also be considering all the legislative fixes. And I have some legislation in the hopper. I’m sure Sen. Hancock does. Can’t speak for my other colleagues. But there will be legislation introduced around the SHU and some of its practices, including putting a cap on the number of years…


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