House Democrats seek to force vote on minimum wage

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House Democrats launched a discharge petition last week to force a vote on a minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour.   

“All we want is a vote.  Economists and experts agree that when Americans can earn higher pay, businesses benefit, communities thrive, and our nation prospers,” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. “I think it bears repeating, the small business owners who testified talked about what it meant to them in the productivity of their workers, what it meant in longevity of holding workers for a longer period of time, and the morale.”

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Pelosi said that over 150 Democrats have signed the discharge petition, which would allow a bill to be brought up to the floor for a vote without the approval of the House Republican leadership.

Democrats will need to secure an absolute majority of 218 members for the discharge petition to succeed.

“By signing the discharge petition, by casting the vote, establishing a higher minimum wage – more money in the pockets of consumers.  There is just no question.  Consumer purchasing power injects demand into the economy, creates jobs; more demand for our small businesses and gives more security for our middle class,” said Pelosi. “The Republicans should really stop standing between this raise for the middle class.”


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