Transcript: Remarks by Rev. Rob Schenck on Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius

Partial transcript of remarks by Reverend Rob Schenck, President of the National Clergy Council, on Hobby Lobby v. Sebelious. The press briefing was held after the Supreme Court oral arguments on March 25, 2014:

I am Reverend Rob Schenck, President of the National Clergy Council base here in Washington, and Chairman of the Evangelical Church Alliance out of Bradley, Illinois.

I’ve just come from the courtroom where I was with the two families involved in the so-called Hobby Lobby case – the Greens and the Hahns – and where I had prayer with them inside the court.

I have talked at length with these two families and the founding business owners like them all over the country, who believe deeply that they have a spiritual and ethical responsibility to run their companies according to their strongly-held Christian convictions.

The current state of the health care law is an egregious violation of our God-given rights and of the God-given rights of business owners in this country and of their First Amendment protections.

For the government to force the Green family and the Hahn family to spend their money violating their consciences would be a supreme violation of their religious liberty, of their freedom of conscience, and of their First Amendment rights.

Now, as I listened to the exchange with the Justices on the bench, I took very careful notes. It’s very clear that this decision will rest with Justice Kennedy once again.

But at certain times Justice Kennedy expressed grave doubts about the government’s position, and you’re going to hear a lot of legal analysis of that.

But it was clear to me that Justice Kennedy is troubled over the fact that because someone chooses to operate with particular paperwork in ownership of a company that somehow they’ve surrendered their God-given constitutionally protected rights.

American citizens should know that the Supreme Court doesn’t make its decision in a vacuum. These justices need to hear from American citizens. I hope that every American citizen will take the time to contact the court and especially the Congress on how they believe the Affordable Care Act violates the Constitution and should be fixed.

So I’m optimistic in all that we heard today, I believe that Hobby Lobby and Conestoga will in fact in the end prevail on Justice Kennedy’s judgement.


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