U.N.’s humanitarian & refugee response in Syria only half funded

The U.N.’s response to the humanitarian and refugee crisis in Syria is only about 50% funded, potentially hampering relief efforts as conditions on the ground deteriorate. 

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appealed to member states to follow through with their commitments to fund the Syrian Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan and the Syria Regional Refugee Response Plan.

“The humanitarian crisis is…becoming more acute. With the winter upon us, potentially 4 million men, women, and children inside Syria will be in need before the New Year. The flow of refugees also continues with ever-more serious impact on regional security. The number of registered or assisted Syrian refugees in neighboring countries and North Africa is now over 460,000 but also more than 20,000 Syrian refugees in Europe. We expect the total number of refugees to reach 700,000 by early next year,” Moon told the General Assembly on Nov. 30. “We continue to ask urgently for additional funds and improved access to all those needing humanitarian assistance.”

The Syrian Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan has received only $178 million out (or 51.3%) of the $348 million that the U.N. has requested.

Here are some of the key programs that are not fully-funded:

  • Emergency food assistance administered by the World Food Program is about $21.6 million (or 21%) short of its $105 million funding requirements. So far, the WFP has received $83.4 million.
  • Basic health care services for children administered by United Nations Children’s Fund is only about 45% funded. UNICEF asked for $4.75 million but has received only $2.14 million. The funding gap stands at $2.6 million.
  • Emergency repairs of critical health facilities in most affected areas administered by the United Nations Development Program. The UNDP requested $1.5 million but has received no funding, according to the December report.
  • Basic primary health care and chronic disease prevention and management administered by the World Health Organization. The WHO asked for $12.8 million for has received only $4.1 million or 32% of the requested funding.
  • Provide safe drinking water to refugees. The UNHCR requested $1 million but has received no funding.
  • Safety and security funding for the U.N. Population Fund, UNDP, UNHCR, and WHO, totaling $1.6 million. So far, the 4 agencies have not received any funding.


The U.N. refugee agency’s appeal for $245.6 million to  outpouring of Syrian refugees is only 56% funded. By far, the United States is the largest donor, with $36.2 million which accounts for 26% of the current funding.

According to the UNHCR, there are about 490,000 Syrians who have fled to neighboring countries – including Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan – and North Africa. About 27% of the registered Syrian refugees are children.

Turkey is hosting about 135,519 Syrian refugees, between 109,081 to 150,793 are in Lebanon, between 100,368 and 141,892 are in Jordan, and 63,496 are in Iraq.


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